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Beer Tasting Cruise

Beer Tasting River Cruises

Hefeweizen and Witbier (wheat beeer)... Dunkeles and Dubbel (dark beer) ... Labic (wild yeast beer) .... Krystal (filtered beer) ... and so many others. A visit to Europe is even better when it includes a discovery of the regional beers.

Visit historic breweries, attend special beer tastings, learn about brewing techniques during expert on board lectures and workshops. Enjoy a special dinner, hosted by our on board beer expert.

From the first Prost to the final Gesondheid, this cruise delivers a heady experience. Cheers!

2017 Beer Tasting Cruises and dates

Charms of Holland & Belgium: 6 April

The Blue Danube Discovery: 16 July

2018 Beer Tasting Cruises and dates

Tulip Time: 6 April

Danube Dreams: 4 April and 2 November

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