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Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

Bulgaria River Cruises

Situated in Southeastern Europe in the East of the Balkans is the country of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is Europe’s 14th largest country with a land area of 42, 855 sq miles and is bordered by 5 countries: it has Romania to the north; Macedonia and Serbia to the west; Turkey and Greece to the south; and the Black Sea in the east. Bulgaria has a diverse landscape made up of mountains, river valleys, lowlands, foothills and plains. The Balkan Mountains run through the middle of the country, and the Danubian Plains are in the north, while the River Danube defines the border along with Romania. The climate in Bulgaria is fairly continental being slightly more temperate on the coast. Typical weather includes warm and breezy summers, cool winters and mild autumns and springs.

One of the first cities in Bulgaria that passengers will visit on their Danube River cruise is the town of Vidin. Situated on the banks of the river, Vidin is an important port on the Danube. ‘Baba Vidin’, the town’s medieval fortress protected the city during the Middle Ages, and after centuries of gradual deterioration, it has been faithfully restored to its former statue. The fortress is the only entirely preserved medieval fortress in the country, hence ‘Baba Vidin is now a fortress museum and the towns primary landmark. On from Vidin is the town of Belogradchik, where passengers will be able to view the unusual natural rock formations and the fortress that makes use of this unique wonder on the western slopes of the Balkan mountains.

Further along on their Danube River cruise passengers will meet the city of Veliko Târnovo, once the ancient capital of Bulgaria from the Second Bulgarian Empire, now a picturesque university town. The city is set on three hills surrounding the Yantra River: the city was a fortress and its oldest part, Tsarevets Hill, is home to the Royal Fortress, palaces and Patriarch’s Church. As well as having an old part, the city also has a newer area with a mixture of modern and communistic buildings. Only 4km away from the city is the Bulgarian village of Arbanassi, with a rich history it has a great number of historical monuments including the Church of Nativity Christ and the Monastery of St Nicholas. Avalon passengers will also be able to visit the Ethnographical Museum, a 400 year old house that has been converted into an interesting and insightful museum.

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