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Budapest Hungary Danube River

Hungary River Cruises

One of the oldest countries in Europe, Hungary is situated in Central Europe: its neighbours include Slovakia to the north; Ukraine and Romania to the east; Serbia to the south; Slovenia and Croatia to the southwest; and Austria to the west. Hungary is a distinctive county in Europe having its own unique language and a vivid culture that is like no other region. Split into nineteen different states, Hungary has a population of over 10 million, with the majority living in the capital of Budapest, home to just under 2 million. Hungary truly is a country of charm and beauty with beautiful cities, lovely small villages, glorious lakes and natural thermal spas. Passengers will be able to view great stretches of dense alluvial woodlands and luscious grasslands as they cruise down the River Danube. The climate in Hungary is typically continental with long hot summers and cold, humid winters. The summer begins quite early in Hungary where high temperatures of 25-30°C are relatively common in the months of April and May!

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest ‘the pearl of the Danube’ is the true gem of Hungary.  As passengers cruise into Budapest they will be greeted by the overwhelming sights that the city has to offer. Budapest straddles both banks of the River Danube with seven bridges, including the famous Chain and Elisabeth Bridge which connects ancient Buda on the right bank and Pest on the left. Passengers will be able to view the grand neo-Gothic parliament building and the massive hilltop castle complex with the turreted Fisherman’s Bastion and glorious Matthias Church. Passengers may also be able to experience the Central Market Hall, the largest indoor market in Budapest. It has three floors all offering a variety of goods ranging from fresh fruit, vegetables and fish on the bottom floors; and souvenirs, arts and crafts on the top. Budapest is truly a wonderful city that will leave passengers with a longing to return and explore the city further!

Further along the river are the towns of Pecs and Kalocsa. Pecs is a charming city rich in Turkish architecture with historical buildings, art exhibitions and religious buildings. Passengers will be able to see the Mosque of Pasha Quasim, located in the town’s main square, and is one of the largest Turkish buildings that still remain in Hungary. The town is also home to many museums including the Vasarely Museum, which is dedicated to the works of Victor Vasarely, founder of the pop-art movement and the Zsolnay Museum, an exhibit on the life, times and ceramics of Vilmos Zsolnay and the Zsolnay ceramic factory. For passengers who would like a better view of the Mecsek Mountains and hills in the south, the television tower is open to visitors and gives a magnificent panorama view over the city. On from Pecs is the town of Kalocsa, a charming Hungarian town known for its paprika production; it is dominated by its majestic Archbishop’s Palace, a baroque style monument built in the 1760’s. Other sights in Kalocsa include Archbishops Cathedral standing in the Holy Trinity Square and the paprika museum.

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