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World War II Cruises

Revisit the dramatic history of WWII as an expert travels with you on board, revealling the stories behind the famous sites.

Join included excursions to northern France's poignant Normandy Landing Beaches where on 6th June 1944 the Allied forces launched the largeest amphibious landing in history.

Also visit Paris' Les Invalides with its Museum of the Order of Liberation. See exhibits showcasing military uniforms, weapons and more.

In Rouen, a walking tour focuses on the French Resistance, including what daily life was like during the German occupation. Nearly half the city was detroyed, including a section that burned for two whole days because the Nazis would not give fireman access to the fire.


2017 World War II Cruises and dates

Paris Normandy 11 July

Grand France (Seine section) 11 July

2018 World War II Cruises and dates

Paris Normandy 7 July

Grand France (Seine section) 29 June

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